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We have been asked by many of our clients to open our files and allow correspondence with others. To maintain privacy, we of course can not give out names and addresses. The next best thing is for Vacu-Tech to share some of the following comments:

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“Just tried your new 2×2.5 elliptical cylinder for the first time today. All I can say is that the money was worth it have been pumping for years with cheap cylinder’s but after just one use there was a size increase all around..Bam just like that, will probably need to step up to the next size within 6 months. very well made product and it works better than I expected Thanks. ”

Jeff, from Valdosta, GA

“Hi Vacu-tech:
I just wanted to take time to say THANK YOU. First for sending my order out to me so quickly. ( I couldn’t believe how fast you got my order to me.) And secondly to tell you how much I love these new Ellipitical Restriction rings of yours. They are very comfortable and damn fun to wear. I send you high praises at Vacu-tech and being a serious pumper wanted again to say thank you. By the way, Vacu-lube is now the only lube I use. ”

Bart, from Milwaukee, WI

“Dear Vacu-Tech,
Absolutely AMAZING product. Talk about comfort… Lighting fast shipping and lighting fast results!! Already moved up to the 2 inch cylinder and making length gains already, AFTER A WEEK!! Will be doing business again with you guys in the future, ROCK ON! ”

Curtis, from Lubbock, TX

“I have to tell you guys that the elliptical cylinder I received is the best…I have been pumping for many, many years and have NEVER had the results like I’ve had with this tube. The new elliptical cylinder gives me more pack that stays throughout my day. Thank You….It’s the reason I constantly buy my tubes and pumps from you!”

Justin, from Ohio

“My 2 1/4 cylinder is just a little too big on the shaft but now the elliptical cylinder has solved the problem. I use the 1 3/4 X 2 1/4 and the sensation is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for always finding ways to improve. I am one very satisfied customer.”

Duane, from Arizona

“Wow! I just received my new Elliptical ThickWall Cylinder. I have never been able to pack my regular cylinder wall to wall. With my new 10″ Elliptical ThickWall, I fill it almost immediately! I am using it with your VT 9000 and what a dynamic combination. The sensation as I pack the cylinder is a real turn on visually. I can’t wait to order the next size. Keep the new innovations coming.”

Bill, from Portland

My God, why oh why haven’t I ordered the electric systems years ago??? It just arrived today, have it on now and can’t believe what a big difference from the hand pump. So quiet, so comfortable and hands free. No more pumping to the vacuum where I want. Thanks dudes, great product as usual.

Randy, Wisconsin

There’s always the worry that you’ll be ripped off on the Internet, which is one reason why I haven’t ordered anything from the net until now. With Vacu-Tech my fears were groundless as I just received today what I ordered on Monday and everything was in the package. I was so pleased that I just had to email you my thanks and will continue to order from you.

Thanks guys.
Bob, New Hampshire

Thanks for your product, results have exceeded my expectations and I have just placed an order for the next larger sized cylinder – a 2 inch ThickWall and also a penis scrotum cylinder.

Vince, Canada

Been pumping with your product now for 8 years. Started out with 7 inches and now have filled my cylinder for length. I am going to order a 12-inch length. What a great product.

Rich, Missouri

Just a quick email guys. Started out with a circumference of 5 inches and length of 6. I am now 6 3/8 inches in circumference and 7 inches in length. Just ordered the 2 X 9 inch tube and I intend to reach bush-busting circumference of 7 inches by the end of the year. Thanks to your system I am the proud owner of the cock I have always dreamed about.

Ross, Missouri

Thanks for the swift and professional service. I received the goods today courtesy of UPS – 2 days after I ordered –very fast. Hoping I contact Vacutech again in future with tales of satisfaction with your product. Seems good so far…! Thanks also for putting on your website the link to the Tiger pumping pages, which have been very useful and user-friendly and ideal for beginners.

Terry, United Kingdom

Hi, started out buying cheap tubes from our local adult book store and realized that I was getting some results and started looking for a good professional product. Found you guys and have been so pleased that I did. The difference in quality is unreal and I want you to pass these comments on to your production staff. Ordered three cylinders to date, a flared, thickwall and a cock and ball cylinder and the quality surpassed my expectations each time. Many thanks for a fine product and great customer service. P.S. I just ordered your electric system and I am sure it will be excellent just like all your cylinders.

Don, New Jersey

At 35, I’ve been a Vacu-Tech user for nearly ten years. Off and on use has given me exactly what I wanted, which was to be called a “grower” instead of a “shower”. Now, I’m both. Today my first thick walled cylinder arrived and I am floored by the comfort and fast results. For ten dollars more, you are crazy not to try one.

Thank you, always. JD, Fort Lauderdale

Just started a few weeks now I am starting to see a big difference. I am looking for other pumpers that I can work out with…

Rozz, Hawaii

Just a quick note to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your OUTSTANDING SERVICE! You may recall our phone conversation of late last Tuesday afternoon just as you were getting ready to leave for the day. In fact, I ordered via your website later that same evening. You built my cylinder and shipped the entire order on Wednesday. I received it on Friday morning! Wow! I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED! Why can’t all online merchants be as smooth, efficient, honest, and ethical as you?

Naturally I took my new rig for a shakedown cruise on Friday evening, and I also need to thank you for your most insightful advice regarding proper sizing. There is a very clear and distinct psychological advantage to the visual feedback which derives from seeing one’s own diminutive member replacing a larger proportion of the cylinder’s volume. I am so glad I ordered the seven inch length as opposed to the nine which I am sure I would never be able to fill up. (I’m not so sure about the two inch diameter, however. After two sessions, I doubt if I will ever be able to pack it so the jury is still out on that dimension. But I will try to maintain both a realistic expectation and hope!)

In short, I am completely satisfied with the ego-stroking effects I have noticed so far. And I am so glad I’ve finally discovered this new and highly pleasurable hobby.

Yours sincerely, John, Florida

Both my lady and I are deep into this aspect that your firm caters to — we appreciate your products and examples of your service like this. Best Wishes from way down under,

Bill, Australia

Thank you for providing such great and expedient service. I ordered my pump on a Monday, and had my first session Wednesday afternoon.

Which brings me to my next point — I am kicking myself for not having the initiative of purchasing a Vacu-Tech Penis Pump before.

I followed the instructions, and my first session was more then what I expected — the enlargement aside, the sensual pleasure was an added bonus!

I have to learn to restrain myself from not wanting to over do it, and look forward to “outgrowing” my first cylinder! Thank You for everything, and I will be in touch!

John, Illinois

Yes I used another pump for a few years and reached a plateau in growth and then ordered your pump and got busy with it right away. At first I thought I ordered too large a tube but in a few weeks I filled it up wall to wall and gained a full 2 in. in length. Now I have a new nick name “MR. BIG”. Results, amazing … almost 9in length, with a large head that matches the 8in girth. I have some pictures to send if you like…let me know.

Jim, Los Angeles

Have used your pumps for years…started in 1976 when I lived in San Francisco and have actually worn out three of them over the years…They really work, especially for me!

James, Texas


I received my pump equipment today and have to say I am very happy with the quality. I have pumped once with it and am impressed with the results. Thanks for the speedy service and hope to order a Penis Scrotum Cylinder later.

Dave, Virginia

Hello, I received my order Wednesday. Very fast service and I will remember you when I upgrade my equipment! I will also tell others.

Thanks, Bill, Indiana

I would like to comment on a fine product – I’m an experienced pumper of 3 years with good results. However, after receiving my Vacu-Tech the results are outstanding both in length and girth! I highly recommend your system for anyone!

A very satisfied pumper,

George, Florida

First off, let me say that you guys have been great! You’ve answered all my questions, solved my problems, offered helpful advice and I really appreciate it. Your electric pump is so far superior to the conventional hand pump that I wish I had gotten one much sooner. I love it and it has enabled me to do other things while pumping.

Gord, California

Thank you for your comments and suggestions on what I might do to improve my pumping exercises. Anyway, last evening, I put your suggestions to use and I have to say that I never had a more enjoyable pumping routine. I also realize that in the past I had been trying to rush the process by pumping too hard and using too high a vacuum. I had to write and give you a big thank you for all your help with my pumping sessions and the time to answer my questions. All the workers at your company I have talked to are knowledgeable and have been very very helpful.

Thanks again,

Ken, Sacramento

Just a note to remark on the success I have had with your Vacu-Tech products. I started using your Best Value System with the 1 inch Flared Cylinder and just upgraded to the 2 inch ThickWall. What an experience. I would be glad to send you a signed statement verifying the quality and effectiveness of your Vacu-Tech equipment. As a customer “Pumping” in my sixties, I would be happy to explain to all that your products can be used by any male “senior citizen” or “younger citizen” and achieve the same great results.

Larry, San Jose

I am very impressed. It’s a well-made and designed product. Thanks to your product I am the proud owner of the cock I have always dreamed about.

Thank you, Gary, Illinois

I received my ThickWall Cylinder about two weeks ago. I have been using it after about a thirty minute pumping session with my Flared Cylinder. The results are astonishing – both in length and thickness. Will soon order again as I want to try penis scrotum pumping.

B. Washington, DC

Hi. I ordered your Best Value System and I’ve have been using it, per your instructions, for about a month now and I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the product. It is of excellent quality and functionality and very easy to use. I am already seeing positive results. I’m looking forward to needing to order a larger diameter cylinder from you in the next three to four months. Jim, Washington State

Great Service! Ordered Friday and received the VT9000 and T-Shirt on Tuesday. The VT9000 is everything you say it is. Vacu-Tech has Great Products.

Thanks, Larry, Phoenix

I have to write you to tell you how totally satisfied I am with your Vacu-Tech system! It is the only system I use now (I’ve tried others but they became almost a joke when compared to Vacu-Tech products). I consider your products to be the highest quality my money can buy and your staff is always knowledgeable and courteous when I call for information or to order. So much so that I enclose an order for some T-Shirts with your logo. The results never cease to amaze me. I use the flared cylinder followed by the matching size ThickWall cylinder. When I’m finished I can’t believe my hand is on my own cock as it is so huge and heavy. For those that have never tried pumping I’d say you’re definitely missing a sensation like no other. It’s one you have to feel for yourself – after that you are happily hooked.

Keep it up! (excuse the pun)

Dan, Milwaukee

Hey guys, I just had to tell you what a great day I had today!

A friend invited me to go to his health club with him. Normally I would have come up with some excuse not to go. I was too embarrassed to be seen in the locker room, whirlpool, etc…because of the size, or lack of my cock.

However circumstances have changed. I have been pumping since about mid May, and no longer have that reprehension of my cock size.

Using your pumping system on a regular schedule, I no longer feel that embarrassment to walk around naked in the presence of other men. Mine was not the smallest there and really wanted to pass along the information of pumping to those that were in the same situation I used to be in.

What a great joy walking around all those ‘male’ areas with my cock, now bigger, swinging from side to side as I walked.

Although I only have one cylinder now, I am saving up for a 2 3/4″ to do some ball/sac stretching and a 3 1/4″. Eventually an electric pump is in the plan. Of course all to be purchased here on the Vacu-tech site!

Anyway, I just had to write and let you know what a difference pumping, even for just this short time, has done to changed my life.

Bill, St. Louis

Just a note to remark on the success of your products. I started using your Deluxe Solo Pump with the 1 3/4″ Flared Cylinder just over a month ago, and just upgraded to the 2″ ThickWall.

What an experience. I would be glad to sign any statement or verify any comment that praises your products. As a customer that started ‘Pumping’ in my sixties, I would be happy to explain to all that your products can be used by any male `Senior Citizen’ with complete confidence.

Larry, San Jose

I would like to let you know how much I am enjoying your product. My partner and I started using our pumps several months ago. We have been sexual partners for 15 years and having the pumps brought new sensations into our sex lives. How often in a long term relationship does a product produce that result?!…

So I wanted to let you know your product has had an effect for us other than just enlargement. It has given us both a new mutual sexual experience.

My sincere thanks,
Roger, Cockeysville, MD


I received the order Wednesday. Very fast service, I will remember you when I upgrade my equipment! I will also tell others.

William, Fresno

Hey, got your pump and cylinder today. I tried it out & it really works and feels great! I have been pumping for about three years and have been using a kaplan cylinder and pump, but yours is so much more comfortable and made a lot better. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am. Your service was very good!

thank you,
Joseph, Pine Village

Dear Vacu-Tech:

I just thought you might find it interesting to hear about my experience…After using the pump/cylinder from my initial order for a while, I decided that the cylinder size you chose from my dimensions was probably a little too large. However, after ordering and using two different smaller sizes for a while, I decided you were right after all. I get the maximum comfort and most pleasurable sensations from the size you chose for me and probably the most benefit!

Thank you for a great product!

Robert, Beale Air Force Base

Dear Vacu-Tech:

I just wanted to tell you how much my boyfriend and I are enjoying the pump that I got for him. When I told a few female friends about it, they thought it sounded like the perfect remedy for their tired, worn-out men.

The key to presenting it to my boyfriend was to avoid all mention of penis enlargement until after we used it. I told him that it was a sensual toy designed to increase his pleasure and sensitivity. Only after he tried it and liked it did I mention the possible side effect of enlargement. The fact that it gave his 61- year-old dick a teenage strength hard-on was reward enough!

This is a great product for couples who don’t even have size or impotence problems — but just want to make good thing even better.

Julie, New York


I received my pump today and have to say I am very happy with the quality. I have pumped once with it and am impressed with the results. Thanks for the speedy service. I may order a ball cylinder later.

Dave, Madison VA

I received my brass pump and flared cylinder today. I would like to thank you for your prompt service. I really enjoyed using your product for the first time today. It was a real pleasure after using inferior products in the past. Your product makes all the others look like toys.

Once again I would like to thank you for your prompt service and the way you do business. I am sure we will do business again in the near future.

William, SC

Dear Vacu-Tech:

I can not say at this point whether I am impressed with the product because I have not received it. Your customer service is excellent and if that is any indication of the effectiveness of the product I suspect that I will be pleased with the results, even should they come slowly.

James, England

I am a 24 year old male who has been pumping for 3 years. Since that time I’ve move from the 2×9 flared cylinder to the 2×9 ThickWall cylinder to the next size up and stopped there. Before I stated pumping at 21, my penis was only 5 1/2 inches long and maybe a few inches in thickness fully hard.

Before the pump I had a lot of opportunities to sleep with girls from school. Unfortunately because of my low self-esteem due to what I thought was a small penis, I never took those opportunities because I was afraid the girls would laugh! I mean I worked out a lot and did a lot of sports, but to me the only thing I missing was a man’s penis.

Now my penis is hovering right around 7 inches long and much thicker (erect), and about 4 1/2 inches long soft, and much thicker flaccid. The girl I have been seeing honestly said she found my penis on the large size for her vagina, but she enjoys being filled by a man.

I only pump once or twice a week with the 2×9 ThickWall cylinder for an hour or so. I am writing you this e-mail just to thank you for such a device. I’ve heard people say pumps don’t work or they are only temporary or there is no way to enlarge the penis, well I’d just like to say I’ve proved them wrong. Over time your penis will grow permanently it’s just patience. Yes it is true that the penis does shrink down after one stops the session, but after awhile you’ll notice the normal size is much bigger than what you started with.

Now I never worry about the size of my penis, and feel bad for anyone who had to go through what I did as a teenager and early 20’s. Anyway I just wanted to thank you once again for your pump. It’s the best pump I’ve ever used. And this message is the truth, I’ve successfully enlarged my penis thanks to you!

Jason, Quebec

Hey guys you are great! I was at the pump party in Palm Springs this last weekend that Tiger Pumping put together. Had a great time and am thankful for the cylinder I got from you. I’ve always ordered from you and to see your support for the party is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
John, Uncut Pumper

Dear Vacu-Tech: Thanks for your e-mail and fast response in getting the order out. There are many companies out there that promise the moon but can’t deliver a cloud. I totally enjoy the unit I purchased from VacuTech and they have lived up to everything they said and then some. Length and girth are certainly coming around. A certain young lady has however, declared the nipple cylinders hers and spends much time enjoying them. Companies like VacuTech will always be a leader in their endeavor to provide the equipment and service to those of us who enjoy this type of pleasure

James, Rockmart

I attended the Pumpers weekend at the CCBC in Palm Springs and want to thank you for the generous donation of gifts for all of us. We had a wonderful time, it was a great group of men and we all mixed very well.

I also want you to know that I am very impressed with the level of service I have received from your company and the reliability of your products. I have recently started doing pumping demos for guys that want to learn more about pumping and always recommend your company for their pumping needs.

Thanks Again,
John, Muddy, IL

Hi Vacu-Tech:

Just wanted to thank you for excellence in replying, excellence in shipping services. Just received the pump today. The site you referred to me is great ( though it’s frustrating to see those pro guys that have reached amazing size are so far ahead of me—but I will catch up! Anyways, thanks again. I will contact u again, as u offer a lot of excellent stuff which I may need in the near future. take care.

Sherif, UAE

In August I ordered your Deluxe Solo Pump with Gauge. I’ve been using it, per your instructions, for about a month now and I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the product. It is of excellent quality and functionality, and is very easy to use. I am already seeing positive results. I’m looking forward to needing to order a larger diameter cylinder from you in three or four months.

Thanks – Jim, WA

I have used the system for 4 years now and have had the best results. Before I started I was exactly 7×4 inches when fully erect.. now 4 years later I am exactly 8×6 inches erect. I have a much fully thicker hang and my crown has increased its ridge thickness. I have taken several before and after shots that I would love to share. Also please let me know if there is an interest in my pix.

THANX for a great product



I am amazed. An order I placed on 4/30 was here waiting for me today. I forgot how incredible your customer service is…..particularly rare these days, it seems! THANK YOU. The word of mouth on you guys has to be simply awesome!

Todd, West Hollywood

…..Gentlemen, I just want to take this time to tell you how happy me and my lover are with your products and we will continue to order from you and I talk about you always and recommend you each and every time!!! Thank you for a job well done!

Mark, Dallas, TX

Hello Vacu-Tech. I recently received my vacu-pump and I must say I love it. My wife has noticed the difference without me even telling her. She says that I feel much thicker for some reason.:) My question is when do i know it is time for me to get a larger cylinder? I’m very thick at the base of the cylinder, at the top I’m at about 7-1/2 when using the vacuum. Do I have to completely fill the 9inch cylinder? I would like to add some length. Is it too soon to expect length growth? I want to do it right! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks Again
Darryl, US Army, Overseas


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