History of Penis Enlargement

Many cultures and tribal societies have pursued penis enlargement in one form or another over the centuries. Anthropologist Margaret Mead reported Polynesian males stretching their penises using a woven sleeve made of plant fiber similar to a Chinese finger trap. The penis was inserted into one end and a rock or other heavy object was hung from the other end.

As technology advanced, mechanical devices were used in an attempt to enlarge the penis. Figures 1 & 2 illustrate early European and American patents. These metal devices were cold, uncomfortable and also difficult to operate. Their effectiveness was very questionable.

Figure 1 - Penis Enlargement - oldest mechanical device - year 1911

Fiqure 1: The oldest mechanical device we could find any pictorial record of. The patent year was 1911.

Figure 2 - Penis Enlargement - the "Erector" - year 1959

Fiqure 2: An invention of Freddie W. Sell, patented in 1959, which uses a manually operated pump to replace the then common squeeze-bulb. This device was called the “Erector.”

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