Pulsar Electric Pump

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Product Description

Our Amazing Electronically controlled Vacuum Pump is two Pumps in one. In Fixed Mode it operates like a regular pump. But in Pulsar Mode, with 5 different exercise programs, your results will be amazing. Comes complete with fitted carrying case and universal power supply . The Pulsar is very quiet. It is rated at 54 Decibels. Normal conversation is around 60 Decibels.

The Pulsar has two modes of Operation
Fixed Mode In the Fixed Mode, after touching the start button, you can select any vacuum level using the plus or minus buttons on the screen. Pulsar’s pressure sensor automatically maintains your set level. Pulsar Mode The Pulsar Mode presents you with 5 different Exercise Modes — WarmUp, Stretch, WorkOut, Maximum, and B Pump all selected by touch screen. Within each pattern, you can change the tempo (speed) and the vacuum level, creating thousands of different combinations for your exercise and pleasure.

There is one simple power switch. Everything else is controlled by Color Touch Screen

Pulsar Specifications
The Pulsar is a continuous duty Vacuum Pump with electronic color touch-screen controls. It operates at     12 VDC, 1 Amp. with the included universal power supply. (Operates on all world voltages.) It supplies    6.5″ Hg continuous vacuum, with momentary bursts to 11″ Hg. Dimensions: 3″ X 4 1/4″ X 1 1/2″, weight 9.4 ounces. The Pulsar and included power supply have a 6 month warranty against component failure or manufacturing defects.

Comes with 6 feet of Vinyl tubing.

The Pulsar is NOT intended for wet pumping. Liquid of any kind entering the unit voids the warranty.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 in
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