Why order from Vacu-Tech? For over 25 years, our commitment has been to bring the finest, most reliable and effective penis enlargement systems to the marketplace. In 1983 we introduced the first Hi-Tech Enlargement system. There are many copies of the original Vacu-Tech pump system. Only our systems feature Scientifically Flared Cylinders. We have recently introduced our new Elliptical ThickWall Cylinders. We are continually introducing new innovations and refinements.

Are vacuum pumps safe to use? Penis vacuum pumps have been used for centuries. Vacu-Tech pioneered the recent advances in technology to bring equipment to the present level of excellence. Following our guidelines, pumping is not only safe but pleasurable and effective.

Do vacuum pumps really work? Vacuum pumping is the most effective method of enlargement. A permanent increase of 1 ½” length and 1 ¾” circumference is not uncommon.

Are vacuum pumps easy to use? Vacuum pumping is very easy. All of our products are shipped completely assembled and ready to use. They are simple to use and our vacuum pumps come with complete instructions. Should you have questions, our customer service department is available by phone 1-650-738-9500 (9am to 3pm Pacific time, Monday-Friday) or E-mail Vacu-Tech now

What size cylinder should I order? Please look at our How to Measure Page for detailed instructions on measuring yourself. Use these measurements to determine a cylinder size that will provide maximum length and thickness enlargement.

How do I know how strong a vacuum to use? Our Deluxe Solo Pump has a built in vacuum gauge to eliminate guesswork. Our instructions tell you what levels to use.

Is it painful? Vacuum sessions are comfortable and pleasurable. Many find pumping quite sensuous.

How long will it take to see results? After a few sessions your penis will be larger, thicker and heavier. This will last dramatically for several hours after pumping. During most of the following day, your penis will be longer in the flaccid state. Many of our customers outgrow their starting cylinder and move up to the next size in 4 to 6 months.

Can I enlarge my ball sack? You can get a Penis & Ball Expansion Cylinder that will stretch the ball sack and make your testicles hang lower. This is a cylinder that encompasses both penis and scrotum. Use it after you have used your penis cylinder. Also available are ThickWall Penis & Ball Cylinders and Two Stage Cylinders.

Do you have fast shipping? All US orders are shipped by Priority Mail or Express Mail. Outside the United States, shipping is via Global Express Mail or Global Priority Mail. Separate charges for international customs, duties and taxes are your responsibility at time of delivery. Shipping times do not include the day we ship, weekends or holidays. More Shipping Info

Can I order with a check or money order? Yes we do accept check and money order payments. To place an order, download our Printable Order Form and fill out and mail it in with your check or money order. If you are not sure about the order total you can call or email our customer service for assistance.

When can I receive my new Vacu-Tech pump system? Vacu-Tech carries most items in stock and they are available for immediate shipment. All orders are shipped by air for fast service. Order online or by FAX or phone for fast delivery. Do not send your credit card number in an email.

How will my order be packaged? Vacu-Tech ships all products in plain white or brown boxes with just a return address on the box. There are no words or pictures on the outside of the box that would indicate what is inside. We know our customer privacy is important, Vacu-Tech does everything it can to maintain that privacy.
For International orders: there will be a Customs form on the outside of the box per Customs regulations. Only our name and a very general description of contents will be on the Customs form. Inside the box will be an invoice also with a very general description. More Shipping Info