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Product Description

Our Finest Hand Pump System, SAVE $42.85!

This Penis Enlargement System includes Custom sized Cylinder and Industrial Hand Pump.

Click Here to Determine Your Cylinder Size

Complete System Includes:
Deluxe SoloPump XL™ –
Our Most Popular Pump with Vacuum Gauge

  • Very Easy to Use – One Hand Operation
  • Vacuum Level Gauge & Release Trigger
  • Factory Lubricated
  • Flared Cylinder – High Quality Clear Lucite
  • Custom Sized to Your Current Dimensions
  • Airlock Release Valve
  • Our Exclusive VacuLube™ 6oz Jar
  • 3 feet of vinyl tubing
  • Complete instructions and pumping tips

$165.00 Save $42.85!!!

The Deluxe SoloPump XL™ vacuum gauge helps the
pumper pace session levels for maximum results.

The Airlock Release Valve allows you to
disconnect from the pump and retain the
vacuum in the Flared Expansion Cylinder.

Your Best Value System™ includes a custom sized Flared Cylinder.

Flared Cylinder Size


Measure your penis using the instructions below to pick a cylinder size from our conversion chart. With a correct measurement, we will manufacture a cylinder that fits properly and provides maximum expansion and comfort.

  1. Wrap a string around the ERECT shaft
    near the base.
  2. Mark where the string overlaps itself with a pen (see blue arrow).
  3. Lay string flat and measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler.


This ruler image is an example only. Do NOT use this onscreen image to measure. Use your ruler.

If Your Measurement is: Order This Flared Cylinder Size:
3″ to 3 ½” 1 ¼” x 9″
3 ¾” to 4″ 1 ½” x 9″
4 ¼” to 4 ¾” 1 ¾” x 9″
5″ to 5 ¾” 2″ x 9″ (most popular)
6″ to 6 ¾” 2 ¼” x 9″
7″ to 7 ½” 2 ½” x 9″
7 ¾” to 8 ¼” 2 ¾” x 9″
If your measurement is not listed here – Please Contact Us

NOTE: Be sure to use string to measure circumference. A tailors tape or flexible ruler will not provide
accurate measurements. Standard cylinder length is 9 Inches. Please measure accurately as cylinders
cannot be returned or exchanged.

Cylinders for Penis & Scrotum
We have a variety of sizes to fit your needs! For more information
call our Customer Service line at 1-650-738-9500.

Please measure accurately as cylinders cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Weight 2.25 lbs

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