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Product Description

This Complete System includes a Custom sized Flared Cylinder coupled with our New Pulsar Pump. You will see Amazing gains with Pulsar’s 5 exercise routines.

Complete System Includes:

  • The Pulsar Electric Pump in fitted carrying case
  • Universal Power Supply, works on all world voltages
  • Custom Sized Flared Lucite Cylinder
  • 5-Snap Leather Strap
  • Our Exclusive VacuLube™ 6oz Jar
  • 6 feet of HiSpeed vinyl connecting tubing
  • Complete instructions and pumping tips

This complete system connects a custom sized Flared Lucite Cylinder with our Pulsar Electric Pump. All functions operate from its  Color Touch Screen. Start with Fixed mode, where you choose a vacuum level and the Pulsar maintains it. Adjust the vacuum with plus and minus keys. The Amazing Pulsar Mode provides 5 exercise routines: WarmUp, Stretch, Workout, Maximum and B-Pump (for extra large Cylinders). Each routing contains 30 repeating segments of random pull and release. In each routine, you can adjust the vacuum level , and also the speed from a slow 10% to a fast 100%. Each change makes the selected Profile feel completely different. The enlargement speed is amazing.

Important! The Pulsar is NOT intended for wet pumping. Liquid of any kind entering the unit voids the warranty.

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Weight 2.25 lbs

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